Protecting Your Eyes After Laser Cataract Surgery

Protecting Your Eyes After Laser Cataract Surgery

The overall recovery process after laser cataract surgery is typically very simple, and once complete you can enjoy the full effect of your restored vision.

After laser cataract surgery, there are a few essential steps to follow to ensure your eyes remain healthy and can recover properly. When undergoing treatment with LaserVision your consultant will answer all questions pre-and post-surgery, to ensure your recovery plan is appropriate for your needs. However, it’s important that you know and understand how to properly protect your eyes after cataract treatment.


What are the advantages of laser cataract surgery?

Laser cataract surgery (femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery) offers a number of advantages over conventional surgery. These advantages include:

Minimally invasive

Laser cataract surgery creates precise access to the interior of the eye, while also fragmenting the clouded lens to remove it with little to no ultrasonic power. Resulting in less strain on the tissues and structure of the eye and helping to prevent inflammation.

Unprecedented accuracy

This treatment allows us to carefully measure the eye, and programme the data into the laser. This allows the surgeon to tailor your treatment for ultimate accuracy from start to finish.

Ultimate precision 

Precise to 1/1000th of a millimetre, laser cataract surgery increases the likelihood that your artificial lens will remain stable for the best possible vision. The femtosecond laser ensures surgeons can achieve the perfect shape, size, and position for lens fragmentation, as well as ensuring the artificial lens will perfectly align.

Bladeless surgery

This treatment creates the perfect shape and dimensions for the ports required to access the cataract without the need for sharp blades.

Bespoke cataract treatment plans

With femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery, you treatments can be tailored to your exact needs. The versatility of this treatment allows us to pinpoint where to separate the tissues – ensuring the procedure is custom to your eye.

Find out more about femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery.


How long does recovery take after laser cataract surgery?

The recovery process after laser cataract treatment is short. Typically, discomfort subsides within a couple of days, however, a full recovery can range from 4-6 weeks, depending on the severity of your case and your medical history.

It is important that you follow all post-surgery care instructions and attend all follow-up appointments with your consultant to ensure your recovery process remains safe and effective.


What to expect after laser cataract surgery?

You will be able to go home the same day after laser cataract treatment.

Immediately after surgery you may experience a numb sensation – feeling should return within a few hours of treatment. It is completely normal to have blurred or double vision, grittiness and watery or bloodshot eyes; these side effects will improve within a few days, however the timeframe of your recovery is dependent on your unique case.


Precautions to take after laser cataract surgery

Cataract surgery is a highly successful treatment and should allow you to return to all your usual activities once you have recovered. However, immediately after treatment there are several do’s and don’ts that you should be aware of in order to effectively protect your eyes, including:


  • Rest for the first few days – it is essential that you give your eyesight ample time to recover
  • Use any protective equipment as instructed by your consultant – including eyedrops and eye shields if they were prescribed
  • When outside, wear sunglasses if it is bright for the first few weeks
  • You will be able to bathe and shower as usual so long as you ensure water does not get in your eye
  • Be gentle with your eyes post-treatment – however, you will be able to read, use a computer, or watch TV


  • Please avoid driving until you can read a number plate at 20m. Directly after your treatment we highly recommend that you organise a lift home; results are not immediate and require a few days for your eyes to recover
  • It is crucial that your body has time to rest and recover. Don’t do any strenuous exercise for a week, after which you can return to most activity such as the gym, tennis and golf
  • Do not rub your eyes, they will be in an extremely fragile state after treatment
  • Avoid wearing eye-makeup for at least 4-weeks after laser cataract treatment
  • Do not fly without confirming that it is safe to do so from your doctor

If you have any concerns or questions, be sure to contact your consultant and wait until you have had the go-ahead. Based on your medical history they will be able to provide the best recommendations to ensure your recovery remains a smooth process.


Speak with an eye surgery consultant

Whether you’re considering cataract surgery, or require a different method of lens surgery, we offer a range of corrective treatments for your eyesight. In addition to laser cataract surgery, we also provide a range of surgical lens treatments, including Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)Sulcoflex DUET Lens ExchangeImplantable Contact Lenses, and conventional Cataract Surgery.

We recommend that you speak directly with a consultant to determine the right treatment plan for your requirements.

At LaserVision we operate across the UK in a number of hospital-based clinics. Find your nearest location, or book your appointment with one of our medical consultants today.

fred chow
fred chow
Mr Tappin, top consultant and trusted surgeon for your cataract!
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Jason Green
Professional competent advice and absolutely no pressure to make a decision. I could not have predicted how much this procedure has changed my life in such a positive way. Thank you team.
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Lelita Baldock
Dr Tappin and the team at LaserVision were amazing. I underwent Lasik corrective surgery and the process could not have been smoother. I was guided through the process with care and professionalism throughout. My results have been outstanding. I could not have asked for more from the team at LaserVision and I am truly grateful for my new vision.
Robert & Gia Anderson
Robert & Gia Anderson
Utterly professional and caring from start to finish. I was quite nervous about having laser but am so pleased with the results. There has always been someone to advise and support every step of the way and patient care and well being really is the priority here. Thank you for looking after me and my eyes so well.
Really excellent level of care from Mr. Rakesh - great communication, excellent standard of care, no complaints whatsoever, top notch service!
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Christina Cook
Mr Tappin and his team are very professional and efficient. The whole experience from beginning to end was done with ease. I highly recommend.
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Amanda Thorsen
Dr Jayaswal has been amazing and changed my life. He made me feel so comfortable and relaxed in his care at the first meet, to remembering me with a personalised greeting, calmly explaining the procedure and reassuring me all the way through the surgery. I couldn’t recommend him enough for Lasik eye surgery - I now have perfect vision, a real dream come true! Thank you so much!
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Nikki Blake
Fantastic process from beginning to end - professional yet incredibly personable. The professional team, especially Mr Tappin, made me feel at ease throughout and the surgery was a great success.
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April Dansie
I had lens replacement surgery. After being both short sighted and long sighted for decades I can now see near and far without glasses or contact lens. It really is amazing. The care was great and so far the recovery has been easy.
George Judge
George Judge
Amazing service from start to finish, I had LASIK surgery in August this year after years of consideration I finally took the plunge and went for the surgery with Mr Tappin. Mr Mike Tappin and his team were brilliant from the consultation right through to the surgery and aftercare. Mr Tappin and his team were very reassuring throughout the surgery and put me at ease every step of the way. If you are thinking about having laser eye treatment or at the start of your journey with it, I would highly recommend seeing Mr Tappin and his team!
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