Eye Cyst Surgery at a glance

30 minutes

Local anaesthetic

1 day

Single procedure

Safe and effective

What is an eyelid cyst?

An eyelid cyst, or chalazion (otherwise known as a Meibomian Cyst) is a painless, nodule within the eyelid formed by a blockage in the oil-secreting Meibomian glands. The lesion is not of a suspicious nature and many will resolve with conservative management. However, surgical resolution is a safe and routine procedure to perform when it is required.

Treatment Benefits Benefits

Key Benefits of Eye Cyst Removal

  • Short-recovery period with minimal downtime
  • Excellent safety profile

How is a cyst removed from the eyelid?

  • 1.Local anaesthetic in injected into the tissue of the eyelid
  • 2.The eyelid is inverted to expose the area of the blocked gland
  • 3.A small incision is made in the inside of the eyelid, allowing the contents of the cyst to drain

Thorough and regular eyelid hygiene with sterile proprietary wipes or cotton wool and a diluted solution of baby shampoo will reduce the bacterial flora responsible for Blepharitis and associated Chalazia.

Surgical removal of a Chalazion is advised following a period of regular warm compress and massage to the affected area. Injection of steroids is also possible to target the inflammatory element of the chalazion.

You will be given a course of prophylactic antibiotic eye ointment to reduce the risk of infection.

Choosing the right vision correction clinic for your surgery is paramount. This is a life changing procedure after all, and you need to have complete trust in your surgeon and care team of professionals.

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