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How are we different?

We stand out against high street competition by providing unrivalled hospital based vision correction treatments, expert consultants and industry leading technology and equipment.

We are different for several reasons:

From the first consult, through eye surgery and on to the last visit, you can be assured that you will always see the Consultant who performed your procedure.

All treatments are performed in the bespoke surgical facility under the safety and governance of leading private and NHS hospitals.

We don’t believe in upselling surgery. We only offer honest advice about what would give you the best result. We never treat someone with an inferior treatment just because they cannot afford the preferred option.

All our equipment has been personally selected for the best results and not chosen by managers or corporations, who do not use or understand the equipment.

We strongly believe in being independent of manufacturers as it retains independent decision making. By retaining our independent status, we only ever offer fully evaluated and clinically proven technologies without bias.

As we have no ‘sales’ targets and our team are not rewarded by throughput, you can be assured that you will never be pressured into surgery which is against all ethical guidelines. We firmly believe in a ‘Quality not Quantity’ approach to patient care.

We have strong links to the NHS as we strongly believe in its care pathway. By treating patients in both sectors, we can advise patients whether treatments can be performed under the NHS where possible. We also have strong links to consultants in other subspecialties allowing for rapid access to a broad range of sub-specialised care.

As our surgeons are dual trained in cornea and refractive surgery, we can optimise the outcomes of surgery with the use of excimer laser technology ensuring the very best outcomes for our patients after premium cataract and refractive lens exchange surgery.

Long before the introduction of this important code in 2016, we have proudly lived by firm principles of no pressure and an honest approach to patient care, with safety being of paramount importance. No special offers, no time-limited offers, and no incentive schemes.

All treatment modalities are assessed for clinical proof of success prior to introduction.

World-class facilities

Trust the experts

LaserVision was established by UK based Consultant Eye Surgeons who understand what is truly important; our vision is to offer unrivalled, un-compromised and personalised treatment.

Our success is clear to see, having been built on a passion for patient care, attention to detail and being at the forefront of corneal and refractive surgery, LaserVision is proud to be recognised as delivering excellence in medical and surgical eye care.

Our specialist, independent NHS Consultant Eye Surgeons are trained to the highest standards in corneal and refractive surgery. Performing the most advanced vision correction procedures in state of the art facilities around the United Kingdom, we achieve the best outcomes for our patients.

Meet the team

LaserVision use highly advanced technology with industry recognised lasers that are at the forefront of the field. All treatments include “wavefront” as standard, thus offering you a treatment that is as individual as your eyes.

Femtosecond technology is used to perform ‘blade-free’ surgery and the latest 5th generation Intralase is used as it is the recognised gold standard in this sector.

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fred chow
fred chow
Mr Tappin, top consultant and trusted surgeon for your cataract!
Jason Green
Jason Green
Professional competent advice and absolutely no pressure to make a decision. I could not have predicted how much this procedure has changed my life in such a positive way. Thank you team.
Lelita Baldock
Lelita Baldock
Dr Tappin and the team at LaserVision were amazing. I underwent Lasik corrective surgery and the process could not have been smoother. I was guided through the process with care and professionalism throughout. My results have been outstanding. I could not have asked for more from the team at LaserVision and I am truly grateful for my new vision.
Robert & Gia Anderson
Robert & Gia Anderson
Utterly professional and caring from start to finish. I was quite nervous about having laser but am so pleased with the results. There has always been someone to advise and support every step of the way and patient care and well being really is the priority here. Thank you for looking after me and my eyes so well.
Really excellent level of care from Mr. Rakesh - great communication, excellent standard of care, no complaints whatsoever, top notch service!
Christina Cook
Christina Cook
Mr Tappin and his team are very professional and efficient. The whole experience from beginning to end was done with ease. I highly recommend.
Amanda Thorsen
Amanda Thorsen
Dr Jayaswal has been amazing and changed my life. He made me feel so comfortable and relaxed in his care at the first meet, to remembering me with a personalised greeting, calmly explaining the procedure and reassuring me all the way through the surgery. I couldn’t recommend him enough for Lasik eye surgery - I now have perfect vision, a real dream come true! Thank you so much!
Nikki Blake
Nikki Blake
Fantastic process from beginning to end - professional yet incredibly personable. The professional team, especially Mr Tappin, made me feel at ease throughout and the surgery was a great success.
April Dansie
April Dansie
I had lens replacement surgery. After being both short sighted and long sighted for decades I can now see near and far without glasses or contact lens. It really is amazing. The care was great and so far the recovery has been easy.
George Judge
George Judge
Amazing service from start to finish, I had LASIK surgery in August this year after years of consideration I finally took the plunge and went for the surgery with Mr Tappin. Mr Mike Tappin and his team were brilliant from the consultation right through to the surgery and aftercare. Mr Tappin and his team were very reassuring throughout the surgery and put me at ease every step of the way. If you are thinking about having laser eye treatment or at the start of your journey with it, I would highly recommend seeing Mr Tappin and his team!
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