BlephEx Treatment at a glance

6-8 minutes per eye



On-going treatment

The only clinician treatment for blepharitis

What is BlephEx Treatment?

Treatment of blepharitis is long-term and requires strict adherence to a routine of eyelid hygiene and ocular lubrication. The use of proprietary sterile wipes / diluted baby shampoo and the application of heat with warm compress is effective but depends solely upon the patient. Our Laser Vision clinical team can use BlephEx to remove bacteria, scurf and oily caps from the meibomian glands in order to reduce inflammation.

Treatment Benefits Benefits

BlephEx Treatment Benefits

  • Comfortable, outpatient procedure
  • Symptomatic relief
  • Reduced dependence on at-home lid hygiene

BlephEx Procedure

  • 1.A micro-sponge is soaked in a tea-tree based, micellar solution
  • 2.The unique BlephEx device is used to spin the medical grade sponge along the lid margin, exfoliating the skin
  • 3.A new sponge is used for each eyelid
  • 4.The procedure takes approximately 6-8 minutes
  • 5.You will typically feel nothing more than a mild tickling sensation

A flora of commonly occurring bacteria (often Staphylococcal) living along the eyelid margin is often responsible for this condition. There are also strong associations between that of blepharitis and seborrhoeic dermatitis and ocular rosacea.

Dry eyes (which may paradoxically feel watery), red eyes, crusty deposits at the base of the eyelashes, gritty, foreign body sensation, intermittently blurred vision, contact lens intolerance.

Your BlephEx treatment plan will be tailored to your individual case.  BlephEx Treatments are typically delivered on a monthly basis with at-home eyelid hygiene in-between.

Choosing the right vision correction clinic for your Dry Eye Treatment is paramount, which is why you should trust the expert eye doctors at LaserVision.

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Choosing the right vision correction clinic for your surgery is paramount. This is a life changing procedure after all, and you need to have complete trust in your surgeon and care team of professionals.

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