Laser Assisted Epithelial Keratomileusis

The main alternative to LASIK, the LASEK procedure involves preserving the extremely thin epithelial layer by lifting it from the eye’s surface before laser energy is applied for reshaping. After the LASEK procedure, the epithelium is replaced on the eye’s surface.

This is known as ‘surface’ laser, and is safer if your corneas are too thin or too steep for LASIK, or when it may be difficult to create a LASIK flap. The success rates for LASEK are very similar to those for the LASIK procedure.

More Information about LASEK

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LASEK stands for Laser Assisted Epithelial Keratomileusis. It is the main alternative to LASIK.

Patients undergoing LASEK procedures often find that the healing process is slower than with LASIK and can result in more discomfort. The eyes may feel irritated during the first few days afterwards. Also, with LASEK compared with LASIK, it often takes longer to recover good vision; perhaps between four and seven days.

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