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Laser Eye Surgery: Aftercare & Recovery

27th May 2021

Aftercare should never be an afterthought; especially when it comes to Laser Eye Surgery. Your eyes may be sensitive directly after treatment, making it critical that you follow the correct steps to keep your eyes protected, ensuring the best results and recovery process.

Recovery looks different for every patient; some people may take longer than others to heal, and some may experience more or less discomfort. Following aftercare guidance is essential – your eye surgeon will advise on recovery for your individual case to ensure the best post-operation results.

Discover what to expect after laser eye surgery, and the right steps to take to ensure you are taking the right precautions for a smoother recovery process.

Initial Laser Eye Surgery Aftercare

At this point in the recovery timeline, it is normal to experience increased sensitivity, watery eyes and discomfort. Directly after laser surgery it is crucial that you take extra care to protect your eyes; which means minimal activity, reduced screen-time and no activities that can be strenuous on your eyes.

After laser eye surgery we highly advise that you organise a lift home, as well as help around the house for the first two days. Staying close to home is recommended; so, if possible, take 1-2 days off from work to allow your eyesight to rest and heal properly.

We recommend keeping your eyes protected during this time; wear sunglasses, eye masks for sleeping, and avoid any eye makeup or products that go in or around the eye area.

Our eye surgery specialists may require you to attend a follow-up exam to check your recovery within the first few days of treatment. Your surgeon may prescribe eye drops if necessary, subject to your individual post-treatment examination.

Long Term Eye Surgery Aftercare

After the first month, you will notice a significant improvement in your eyesight as your recovery will be near completion. At this point you will be able to partake in most physical activities like sports and exercise, as well swimming or using saunas and steam rooms.

Some patients may experience symptoms of dry eyes for up to 6-months after laser eye surgery. This is normal and not necessarily a cause for concern; if you are experiencing this, your surgeon may prescribe eye drops to resolve the issue until your eyes are fully recovered.

A month after treatment there are still a number of restrictions and activities your surgeon may recommend avoiding. This includes excessive alcohol consumption and the use of sunbeds for up to 6-months.

If you have questions, concerns or any complications after laser eye surgery; please do not hesitate to contact our eye specialists. We are here to help put your mind at ease and ensure the best results for your treatment.

The Benefit of Laser Eye Surgery

Once your recovery process is complete, you’ll be able to enjoy life without glasses or contact lenses. Giving you the freedom to participate in activities or hobbies, without the need to worry about your eyesight.

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