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Summer Holiday Health

1st June 2015


As summer holiday season is now well and truly upon us, we’re sharing tips on how to look after your health on holiday!

De-germ. Don’t risk picking up germs from those who were there before you on long journeys. Before you settle in to your seat on your flight, bus or train journey, use a disinfecting wipe to clean the seatbelt buckle, armrest, table tray and any buttons such as air con.

Stay hydrated. On any long journey, but especially on planes, the low humidity makes air in planes dry which make us more vulnerable to bugs and viruses. Make sure you drink plenty of water as it will help keep bugs out of your system.

Get handy. Keep hand sanitiser handy and use it often – cold viruses spread predominantly through hand to mouth contact.

Pack healthy snacks. On holiday, we’re much more likely to indulge so pack healthy snacks to make sure you’re also stocking up on your essential vitamins and nutrients throughout the day.

Stay Active. Swap running on the treadmill for running on the beach, exercise will never feel so good and you may be able to top up your tan while you’re at it!

Get the family active. If gym sessions on holiday just aren’t on your agenda, get active with watersports, snorkelling, swimming, volleyball or even football!

Drink wisely. Cocktails are a must especially when on holiday, but remember cocktails are also packed with calories. For a lighter alternative, consider white wine spritzers, light beers or even vodka and soda.

Are your sunglasses protecting you? Find out if your sunglasses pass the test.

Sun safe. Last but by no means, least, apply suncream, ideal SPF 30 at the beginning of the day and top up regularly to protect your skin from burning and UV damage.

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