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Laser Eye Surgery Clinic Reviews

19th January 2017

laser eye surgery reviews

When looking into laser eye surgery or other vision correction treatments, it’s important to carry out thorough research to ensure you find the right clinic and surgeon for your needs to get the results you require. Looking at independent patient laser eye surgery clinic reviews should be an integral part of your research, which is why we are proud to be registered with TrustPilot, an independent patient review site.

The patient reviews for our vision correction treatments are extremely important to the team at LaserVision as they provide an accurate portrayal of the personalised treatment and care we provide at our hospital based clinics across the country. See below to read our most recent reviews and testimonials taken from our TrustPilot profile.

Excellent service from a great team.

Finally made a decision to get laser correction and after research selected LaserVision. Unfortunately at my appointment I was told I had cataracts so the treatment was for lens replacement. Checked this out and I was uncomfortable having this with a local so opted for general anaesthetic. Extra cost but well worth it. In and out in a day at Guildford with very little discomfort, easily managed by drops. Eyesight improved considerably over the next 3 weeks.

After my 6 month check long distance was great, focus at 3m was a little off but use a +2 glasses to correct and Mike Tappin told me he could improve this further by a Laser correction but warned me that this would be more painful than the previous procedure. This was done and he was right but the painfulness only lasted a day and again was easily managed with drops. Minimal discomfort lasted another week but the eyesight was very off for about a month when there was a sudden improvement. We are at 3 months post op now and I have perfect vision over almost the whole range. A +2 correction for very close reading is all I need. Bottom line – great service from a great team of Mike, Geeta, and Jess. Would recommend without reservation.” – M.E

LASEK with LaserVision at Mt Alvernia

No complaints. Great outcome. Had perfect vision by the post op follow up 5 days after surgery. There was a bit of pain and discomfort the first two to three days after the procedure but this was well managed with drops. No need for sleeping pills or cocodemal.” – N.S

Quick, painless and perfect results

I am very happy with not only the service I received, but with the great results achieved from lens surgery. I was a nervous patient but the staff and surgeon were very reassuring and the procedure was indeed completely painless and quick. My vision has greatly improved, the surgery was designed to improve my distance vision and has not only achieved that but my near vision is also much better, I no longer need 3 pairs of glasses, just one pair of minimum strength to read with when my eyes get tired. A great result all round.” – L


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