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Laser Cataract Lens Surgery FAQs

13th July 2017


Cataracts are an unavoidable part of ageing however simple lens surgery provides a quick remedy with most patients able to resume their normal activities the next day. Standard cataract surgery will replace the cataract but you will still require lenses to achieve good vision. Modern technology, however, has now advanced to offer a more personalised treatment and alleviate the need for lenses with unparalleled precision. Find out more about Laser Cataract Lens Surgery below…

Why should I have the laser cataract procedure over the standard procedure?

Laser cataract surgery uses femtosecond laser technology which incorporates an OCT imaging system that is used to create a detailed 3-D image of the inside of the eye, meaning the surgeon can plan, customise and perform the entire procedure with an unprecedented degree of precision and accuracy. Femtosecond lasers are accurate to within 1/1000th mm.

What are the benefits of the Ziemer Z8 over the other laser cataract platforms?

All laser platforms are designed using a system which requires the patient to position perfectly to fit the laser, which presents some challenges for patients as they get older. The Ziemer Z8 is unique in that the laser adapts to the patients’ position, meaning that the experience is comfortable and much easier to achieve success.

The other major benefit for the Ziemer Z8 is the laser is the lowest energy laser in the world, using nearly 100 times less energy per pulse to achieve the same outcomes as other lasers. By delivering this low energy nearly 1000 times quicker, the result is a faster, safer and more precise procedure meaning that your vision will recover quicker and with minimal inflammation.

Does this mean the non-laser method is unsafe?

No it does not. The standard lens extraction method is one of the most common surgical procedures in the world today. The laser cataract procedure simply brings a new level of tailored, reproducible precision.

What is the difference between the two methods?

With laser cataract surgery a 3-D model is created of your eye and biometric data is automatically calculated which is specifically tailored to your own eye. This makes the procedure extremely precise.

The laser is then used to create the incisions and soften the lens in a very precise way, using the 3-D image as a guide. In some cases, the use of femtosecond laser technology may also reduce the time it takes to remove your lens.

With the standard procedure, the steps are all performed manually.

How new is femtosecond laser technology?

Femtosecond laser technology was given approval in the United States and Europe in 2012, after many years of trials and testing, and has become a procedure now adopted by many of the world’s leading ophthalmology centres.

How many patients have already undergone this surgery?

It is estimated that over 100,000 cataract procedure have now been performed with a femtosecond laser.

How do I know if I’m suitable?

Most patients are suitable for this technology, and as part of your initial consultation we undertake thorough diagnostic tests and check the health of your eye to ascertain if you are suitable.

How long does it take?

The total laser cataract procedure takes around two minutes followed by the lens being removed by the surgeon and the new artificial lens being placed in your eye. The total time for the laser cataract procedure is roughly 10 minutes.

Does laser cataract surgery hurt?

No. Laser cataract surgery technology was designed with patient comfort in mind, so you can relax, knowing you have the latest technology available to treat one of your most valuable senses – your sight. You may experience a little redness to the eye following surgery.

What will I see during the procedure?

You may briefly see bright starlight images.


If you would like to enquire further about Laser Cataract Lens Surgery, please call us on 0800 024 8888 or online here.

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