Standard / Monofocal Intraocular Lens

Until fairly recently, everyone who had cataract surgery received a single-focus intraocular lens, also called a monofocal lens. It was the first type of lens created for cataract surgery and is referred to as the “standard” option.

A standard IOL is an outstanding lens and will give you excellent vision at one distance (near, mid-range/computer or distance). But, as a single-focus lens, a standard IOL cannot give clear vision at all distances-you will still need glasses for most distances.

Most people who choose a standard IOL opt for clear distance vision and use reading glasses for close vision. Those who value their reading vision more highly may choose instead to wear glasses for distance and mid-range vision. It is also possible to choose an IOL designed for mid-range distance and wear glasses for near and distance vision.

Standard intraocular lenses are an excellent choice if you:

  • Don’t mind wearing glasses or contact lenses for most distances
  • Do not have astigmatism or are willing to address your astigmatism by wearing corrective lenses or by having additional surgeries such as LASIK or limbal relaxing incisions.
  • Are less comfortable adapting to change and learning new skills.
  • Wish to avoid a possible increased risk of some night vision symptoms

If you would prefer to reduce your dependence on glasses as much as possible, see multifocal IOLs.

If you adapt to change more easily, you might also consider accommodative lenses or monovision (see below).

Regain your full quality of vision

If you choose a standard IOL, chances are excellent your eyesight improvement will fully restored the quality of vision you experienced before cataracts. Studies show that 95% of patients gain this level of improvement. As with all surgery, patients with additional health conditions should ask their doctor what clarity of vision they can reasonably expect in their specific case.

You will still need glasses or contact lenses

Standard IOLs only provide clear vision at one distance-near, mid-range or distance. So you can expect that you will need glasses or contacts at all but one of these distances. For most patients, having clear distance vision is most important, and they use reading glasses to see close objects clearly, just as many people do before cataracts.

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