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Patient Stories: Corneal Dystrophy Treatment

30th November 2017

The latest story in our patient stories series focuses on a returning corneal condition preventing the patient from completing simple daily tasks.


Mr Symons visited Mr Mike Tappin at our Guildford clinic as he had a corneal dystrophy leaving the cornea cloudy and impairing his vision. Despite having had a corneal transplant in both eyes some many years ago, the dystrophy had returned, once again impairing his vision, to the point that he could no longer drive. The patient wanted to avoid another corneal transplant due to the fact that it can take a year or two to give the desired level of vision.

What is a corneal dystrophy?

Corneal dystrophies are a group of eye disorders,  in which abnormal material accumulates in the clear transparent outer layer of the eye (cornea). Granular corneal dystrophy is a hereditary condition, affecting the central layer of the cornea. The condition results in the development of small breadcrumb like particles or granules on the cornea.

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The solution

After careful diagnosis, Mr Tappin performed a Photo-Therapeutic Keratectomy (PTK) in which an excimer laser is used to remove a minute layer from the surface of the cornea.

Mike Tappin performed the treatment on Mr Symons, giving him an excellent level of vision within days of the appointment and avoid the need of a second corneal transplant. The patient was thrilled with the outcome of the procedure and confidently back driving again in next to no time.

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