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The UK’s first! The Reversible Revolution in Vision Correction Surgery

8th November 2018

As surgeons, achieving perfect visual results for our patients is the most important goal.

Even with the most accurate work, results may vary over time. It has always been a hope that there would be a lens system that allows you to adjust your work or even reverse it.

Well, Rayner, a British manufacturer of intraocular lenses, has created a lens system that does just that and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this revolutionary procedure.

The Trifocal DUET procedure was performed for the first time in the UK, earlier this month by our very own Mr Rakesh Jayaswal, a consultant specialising in Corneal and Refractive Surgery at the Spire Hospital, Portsmouth.

DUET surgery involves a revolutionary lens technology, which uses not one, but two lenses to help achieve complete vision restoration, which can also be adjusted or reversed. It can also be used on patients who may be disappointed with their continued dependence on glasses after previous cataract surgery. The use of the second lens allows for patients to upgrade the optics of the original lens to the very latest trifocal technology.

“As soon as Mr Jayaswal offered me a reversible solution, it was an easy decision,” said Mr Higgins. “In my eyes, this is a miracle. I was operated on in the evening and as soon as I woke up the next morning, the world was a different place. I haven’t needed to use glasses for anything since. The clarity is absolutely perfect” – a 49-year-old patient from London, the first to undergo the Trifocal DUET procedure in the UK. While there is a small risk of patients not adapting to the vision, this is comforted greatly by the fact the Trifocal DUET procedure is adjustable and reversible.

We heard directly from Rakesh Jayaswal “We have always looked to see how technology can optimise outcomes and improve patient safety and satisfaction even further. Whilst traditional lens surgery is safe, the DUET procedure is a true game-changer. It offers patients and doctors the highest level of safety using the latest premium lens technology by allowing lifelong reversibility. As the eye is a living tissue, should the health of the eye change for any reason over the course of time then the premium lens can be removed safely in a matter of minutes.”

We are now offering the latest in lens surgery in selected hospital-based clinics across the UK, get in touch with us to find your nearest clinic.

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