Types of Laser Eye Surgery

What Are the Requirements for Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is one of the most common and effective sight correction treatments. Endorsed by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), laser eye surgery is a safe treatment with over 32 million treatments carried out worldwide.

There are several laser eye surgery treatments, each with their own set of benefits designed to treat a variety of corrective requirements. Depending on your individual needs, and subject to a full consultation with our vision correction specialists, we are able to provide the right treatment based on each patient’s unique condition and requirements.

Prior to laser eye surgery, it is essential that our surgeons identify any risks or factors that may influence the right vision correction treatment for you. This includes (but not limited to) your age, refractive error prescription, and lifestyle.

Who is Laser Eye Surgery Suitable For?

When it comes to laser eye surgery, there are several factors our surgeons will look out for to determine your suitability and advise on the right treatment for your needs.


Your prescription is highly influential when it comes to laser eye surgery. Ideally, it will not have changed within the last 2-years, however this will be determined by your surgeon during your consultation.

If your prescription is too high, it may be recommended that laser eye surgery is not the right choice for your vision correction needs.


Typically, laser eye surgery is available to adults over the age of 18. Different treatments are often more suited to different age brackets; for example, cataracts commonly impact adults over the age of 40, so most cataract surgery patients are above this threshold due to their requirements.


During your consultation, our vision correction specialists will need to know your medical history, including any illnesses or conditions you may have, and prescription medication you take.

This is essential information that must not be withheld. Our surgeons need this data to provide an informed and accurate consultation; giving you the right guidance on which corrective treatment is the right choice.

What Types of Corrective Treatments Are Available?

We provide a full range of eye surgery treatments to ensure that every need is met. With LASIK, LASEK and Cataract Surgery being the most common across the UK.


LASIK is the most well-known procedure performed. LASIK is performed with 2 lasers that work to create a small flap while the other laser corrects and reshapes the cornea. This treatment usually has a rapid visual recovery time.

Learn more about LASIK vision correction.


LASEK is a more suitable procedure for those who have less serious eye focusing problems. Those who have dry eyes or thin corneas may not be suitable for LASIK and so LASEK offers a solution where the fine surface of the cornea is loosened and folded back so that the cornea can be reshaped.

Learn more about LASEK eye surgery.

Femto Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery (FLACS)

Laser cataract surgery offers unprecedented accuracy, providing ultra-precise treatment when performing cataract and lens replacement procedures.

This treatment is a bladeless surgery. Minimally invasive, the femtosecond laser allows our surgeons to remove and replace the clouded cataract lens with little to no ultrasonic power; resulting in reduced sensitivity and less strain to the eye.

Find out more about laser cataract surgery.

What are the costs of laser eye surgery?

The price of laser eye surgery varies depending on what procedure is the most appropriate for your case. Before treatment, you will be required to attend specialist consultations with our vision correction experts; this is to ensure you are the right candidate and that you will receive the right procedure.

Our specialist consultant ophthalmologists will talk you through the treatment and discuss the benefits, costs, and facts before you decide to undergo surgery. There are no hidden fees at Laservision. The treatment quote you receive at your consultation will include the cost of treatment, post-operative care, follow-up visits for 12-months, and any necessary enhancements.

You may have questions about what to expect after laser eye surgery. Treatment can leave you living in a world free of contact lenses or spectacle hinderances. You will be able to explore new sports, hobbies or activities; including swimming and activities that can be difficult to enjoy for contact lenses or glasses wearers.

Find out more about laser eye surgery

Laservision can correct a wide range of refractive errors, including mild to severe short-sightedness, long-sightedness, and astigmatism. We stand out against the high street competition by providing unrivalled hospital-based treatment, expert consultants, and industry-leading technology and equipment.

Get in touch to book an appointment with our vision correction specialists. Or request a consultation online. Alternatively, visit our website to explore other treatments we offer.

fred chow
fred chow
Mr Tappin, top consultant and trusted surgeon for your cataract!
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Jason Green
Professional competent advice and absolutely no pressure to make a decision. I could not have predicted how much this procedure has changed my life in such a positive way. Thank you team.
Lelita Baldock
Lelita Baldock
Dr Tappin and the team at LaserVision were amazing. I underwent Lasik corrective surgery and the process could not have been smoother. I was guided through the process with care and professionalism throughout. My results have been outstanding. I could not have asked for more from the team at LaserVision and I am truly grateful for my new vision.
Robert & Gia Anderson
Robert & Gia Anderson
Utterly professional and caring from start to finish. I was quite nervous about having laser but am so pleased with the results. There has always been someone to advise and support every step of the way and patient care and well being really is the priority here. Thank you for looking after me and my eyes so well.
Really excellent level of care from Mr. Rakesh - great communication, excellent standard of care, no complaints whatsoever, top notch service!
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Christina Cook
Mr Tappin and his team are very professional and efficient. The whole experience from beginning to end was done with ease. I highly recommend.
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Amanda Thorsen
Dr Jayaswal has been amazing and changed my life. He made me feel so comfortable and relaxed in his care at the first meet, to remembering me with a personalised greeting, calmly explaining the procedure and reassuring me all the way through the surgery. I couldn’t recommend him enough for Lasik eye surgery - I now have perfect vision, a real dream come true! Thank you so much!
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Nikki Blake
Fantastic process from beginning to end - professional yet incredibly personable. The professional team, especially Mr Tappin, made me feel at ease throughout and the surgery was a great success.
April Dansie
April Dansie
I had lens replacement surgery. After being both short sighted and long sighted for decades I can now see near and far without glasses or contact lens. It really is amazing. The care was great and so far the recovery has been easy.
George Judge
George Judge
Amazing service from start to finish, I had LASIK surgery in August this year after years of consideration I finally took the plunge and went for the surgery with Mr Tappin. Mr Mike Tappin and his team were brilliant from the consultation right through to the surgery and aftercare. Mr Tappin and his team were very reassuring throughout the surgery and put me at ease every step of the way. If you are thinking about having laser eye treatment or at the start of your journey with it, I would highly recommend seeing Mr Tappin and his team!
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