Laser Eye Surgery

Choosing the right vision correction clinic for your surgery is paramount. This is a life changing procedure after all, and you need to have complete trust in your surgeon and care team of professionals.

LaserVision are unique in the fact that all of our clinics are hospital based and governed by leading NHS and Nuffield hospitals so you can have full trust in our service. We also personalise all the treatments listed below to get the best possible outcome for you and your eyes.

Presbyopia Treatments


It has become most common form of laser vision correction in the world. LASIK is able to treat a broad range of refractive errors and corrections.


The IntraLase Method has been used successfully on millions of eyes and we trust this advanced technology to deliver exceptional results.


The LASEK procedure involves preserving the extremely thin epithelial layer by lifting it from the eye’s surface before laser energy is applied for reshaping.

SupraLASE™ ‘No Touch Laser’

By using a technique in which the eye is treated from beginning to end with lasers, this treatment is an effective and efficient, ‘non touch‘ treatment.


ReLEx FLEx and SMILE are ground-breaking new techniques that  take laser vision correction for short-sight beyond LASIK.

The facts about Laser Vision Correction

  • Laser eye surgery is one of the most commonly performed elective treatments in the world today and there has never been a safer time to have laser eye surgery.
  • Endorsed by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), it is now estimated that over 32 million procedures have been performed worldwide.
  • Laser vision correction treatment uses a cold, high-precision beam, which is precisely programmed to remove a microscopic layer of the cornea that alters its curvature, to correct vision.
  • In reshaping the cornea, the focussing power of the cornea is altered, thus shifting the focus of the incoming light to the correct plane, the retina.
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