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Patient Reviews

Outstanding care at LaserVision comes as standard, here are some of things our recent patients have to say about their experience with us.

We value each one of our customers reviews and use them to continuously improve our service where possible.

We take great pride in helping our patients correct their vision and other optical issues. Please take a moment to read some of the laser eye surgery reviews from our previous patients, highlighting some of our successes at LaserVision.

“Early March 2011, I decided to look into eye laser surgery at the Guildford Clinic. I visited other clinics and I didn’t need much convincing that Mike Tappin & Rakesh Jayaswal were the right team for me.

All my meetings included Rakesh’s active participation. This included even the first initial 10min info gathering meeting! for me, this was one of the most important parts: it was refreshing & unique (compared to the other clinic’s approach) to know your surgeon from beginning through till the end. It gave a true opportunity to get to know each other and feeling comfortable on the day of the surgery. After surgery, Rakesh gave me clear instructions and ensured I had his personal number just in case. I didn’t need to contact Rakesh as all went well, however he spontaneously called on the Friday and once at the weekend (surgery took place on a Thursday evening) to ensure everything was fine. Again, this personal follow up, ensuring all is well with the patient makes this clinic unique & fantastic. Follow ups in the months after surgery were easy to book and again, were always with either Mike/Rakesh themselves. You can also feel that the team that works with them, enjoys their work and enjoys working with the surgeons.

Mike & Rakesh truly care about their patients and I would highly recommend them. The best team ever!

With this, I’d like to thank you once again for all your good care. Eye surgery is nerve racking but you’ve made it a positive experience and looking back, I only have one regret: I should have done it years ago! I wish you all the best with the clinic and your careers.”

F.C. – Guildford

“To all the wonderful staff,

Thanks you so much for making me feel re-assured and less anxious. You all made me feel safe.

Merci! Lots of love!”

V.M. – Guildford

“Right from my initial consultation, Bristol LaserVision offered expert advice and thorough testing to ensure my treatment was tailored to my needs. I felt very reassured on the day and the procedure was professionally carried out, alongside a caring and friendly experience. After a period of recovery, my sight improved unbelievably well and my vision is now perfect. I can now live without the cost of contact lenses and hassle of glasses, I am delighted.

R.K. – Bristol

“Dear Rakesh,

This is very belated but I have struggled to find adequate words to thank you for the miracle you have performed for me – and I can’t! I hope you know how immense my gratitude is and not just for the miracle but for your comfort, amazing kindness and calm throughout the process. A million thank yous and very best wishes.”

C.T. – Guildford

“Dear Rakesh, Mike, Geeta and the lovely nurse who held my hand!

I wanted to email you to say a massive thank you for giving me the gift of sight (minus contact lenses!). It has only been a week and I can see amazingly, my eyes feel great (just a bit dry as expected) and I am so happy!

From the very first meet at the consultation right through to my first aftercare appointment, I have felt looked after and safe. I would like to thank you all so much and wish Geeta a very easy and happy labour!

Once again thank you.”

M.H. – Guildford

“Fabulous experience, really pleased with the outcome. The whole process from start to finish was faultless.

Thank you very much.”

H.S. – Guildford

“The nursing staff and every other member of staff were exceptional and should be praised for their exceptional services. They treated not just me but my visitors with care and respect. Please can you pass on my thanks to your team.”

Manchester Patient

“After 60 years of extremely short sight, glasses & contact lenses Mike Tappin had given me the gift of sight – clear sight! I have always been nervous & anxious about my eyes, but he is the most professional & reassuring specialist I have ever seen and I’ve met many! His calm, friendly manner instills trust – I trust him implicitly. The whole personal treatment was flawless, carried out by a great team. My operations were painless and carried out in relaxed surroundings with no stress. I want to thank him so very much!”

C.C. – Guildford

“I was delighted with the service and the result. Mr Tappin’s secretary, Sue, was very helpful and the nurses at the clinic were kind, professional and re-assuring.”

C.L. – Guildford

“The nurse was very kind and helpful and fully explained everything to me from admission to discharge.”

Manchester Patient

“Everyone I met during my several appointments were most attentive and very friendly at all times.”

Manchester Patient

“I am so enjoying the revelation of being able to see so clearly, particularly in the glaring light! The whole process from the first consultation and contact with his team, the cataract operation and the second consultation went smoothly throughout and one’s confidence in Michael Tappin’s manner and professionalism was fully justified and bore out what friends had told me. I was in hosptial for the operation for just four hours. Mr. Tappin visited me before the operation with a full briefing, after it and then telephoned the following evening to hear my reaction. A painless experience, well handled by everyone, with an excellent result.”

D.W. – Guildford

“I’m really happy that I decided to have laser treatment and would recommend it and Manchester Royal Eye Hospital to anyone.”

S.S. – Manchester

“I would definitely recommend the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital as you really feel in safe, experienced hands.”

P.S. – Manchester

“I was delighted with the service and the result. Mr Tappin’s secretary, Sue, was very helpful and the nurses at the clinic were kind, professional and re-assuring.”

C.L. – Guildford

“Frustrated with juggling contacts and glasses, I decided to have LASEK. Filled with confidence from my first consultation, Mr Jaycock and his team could not have been more helpful and caring. Sam added a personal touch to treatment day and although the week after was uncomfortable, I am so glad I had it done. I already take my clear vision for granted.

I notice it most when I’m swimming with the kids and not having to worry about contacts or glasses. My husband is so impressed and wants to get his done now as it really is life changing. Thank you so much Bristol LaserVision.”

E.G. – Bristol

“Dear Rakesh,

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. Your knowledge and expertise has been invaluable. Both myself and my family are enormously grateful for this life changing procedure.”

S.S. – Guildford

“I am extremely happy with the lens replacement – the world seems a brighter place with my new eyes! Expertise aside, the care and patience afforded me is commendable. Nothing is too much hastle. The LaserVision team’s commitment to delivering excellence and client satisfaction is without compromise.

Thanks Mike Tappin for his wonderful care and professionalism.”

C.H. – Guildford

“EXCELLENT! Both pre op, surgery and aftercare were faultless. I am thrilled with the result and would recommend procedure and surgeon. Thank you.”

V.R. – Guildford

“I am truly delighted with the service I have received with LaserVision. Everything was very well explained. My vision is now fantastic and no more glasses or contact lenses! Thank you all!”

S.H. – Guildford

“Looked after well, staff were all very polite and made me feel at ease.”

Manchester Patient

“Overall I’m very impressed and happy with the procedure and care from start to finish, the aftercare is excellent too. So glad I chose this clinic and surgeon.”

A.B. – Guildford

“Thank you Mr Jayaswal (Surgeon) for all your kindness and care whilst replacing my wife’s lenses.”

M.C. – Guildford

“Being extremely short sighted for most of my life, I have always needed really strong lenses, and so when it became obvious that I had a cataract problem with my left eye (which was usually my better eye), I must admit I found it extremely worrying, especially as I was only 48 years old.

I had heard how successful cataract removals were supposed to be these days, but anything to do with touching the eyes made me extremely nervous and anxious about the forthcoming process.

However, upon meeting you, my anxiety was immediately dissipated. Your manner and professionalism put me at ease straight away. Even on the day of the operation, although I did feel a little nervous of what was going to happen the way you explained every step as you were proceeding, was very helpful at making my nervousness disappear, and in no time at all it was ll over. I particularly appreciated your phone call at home to see if everything was alright.

It is wonderful to be able to wake up each morning and be able to see without putting glasses on, and I would have absolutely no hesitation in coming back to have the cataract in my right eye removed when it become necessary.

I will definitely be recommending you to anybody else who is in need of a cataract operation in the future.”

M.B. – Guildford

“All staff that I came in contact with were courteous, caring, friendly and efficient – well done.”

Manchester Patient

“I am 55 years old and have always needed glasses for long distance and decided to check out my options for surgery to enable me to forget the glasses. Between the internet, friends and family experiences, and a free consultation with a consultant at a private hospital, I concluded that I had several options and the costs varied from £2,500 up £9,500. My concerns were the fact that there were so many options and I was concerned about going down the wrong route and choosing a surgery that was not the most suitable.

I decided to check with the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital to see if I could arrange a consultation, even on a fee basis, that would give me enough information to feel comfortable in making a decision. The Consultant Opthalmic Surgeon at the MREH is a Mr Arun Brahma, after a bit detective work on the net I managed to speak with his secretary who informed me that I could arrange a consultation direct with Mr Brahma, at a fee of around £180.. So I made an appointment for a consultation, and I must admit I did like the idea that it was the LaserVision in the MREH.

After the required eye tests, I met with Mr Brahma who then started asking me quite a lot of questions regarding my lifestyle – as opposed to answering my questions that were based on research on the internet.

Mr Brahma then informed me that he recommended Lasik laser surgery on my right eye, and no treatment to my left eye as the test results showed that near vision was good. And surgery on the left eye could always be performed at a later date if required. The fees were £1900 for surgery and say £180 for the consultation… Surgery went well, probably about 10-15 mins in theatre and only mild discomfort. A few hours later after the local anaesthetic drops had worn off it ached for the rest of the day. But next day I was right as rain and drove down for the check up at the MREH. The whole procedure from start to finish had a ‘feel good” about it… and 3 months down the line I have just been discharged.

Fantastic service and great value for money!”

C.G – Manchester

“Very happy with my experience with LaserVision, Mr Tappin, Laura and the whole team. Very professional throughout all visits, and always felt comfortable. The surgery went very well and it was always reassuring to know there were great people to contact if any problems did arise. I can’t think of anywhere else I would recommend. Thank you.”

I.J. – Guildford

“Nothing to improve on you have a really nice unit you covered everything you needed to know and the staff covered everything.”

Manchester Patient

“To the staff on Ward 54,

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all staff on Ward 54 for the wonderful care and treatment I received on the 14.5.14.

I was very anxious prior to my appointment, but this was soon allayed by the caring and professional way I was dealt with. From the moment I arrived, I found all staff to be excellent.

My special gratitude and thanks go to the doctor who performed my treatment and to the nurse who prepared me for this and cared for me following treatment. I am sorry I cannot name these people personally but they know who they are – sorry – thank you all so much.”

J.S. – Manchester

“Bristol LaserVision came across as professional and reliable – the sort of place you would trust to fix your eyes.  They were more genuine in the patients’ interests. Great service, great surgery, cheers!”

Bristol Patient

“When I finally made the decision that I wanted to throw away my glasses and look into laser surgery, I spent months researching different options and surgeons to make sure that I could attain the best possible outcome from the procedure. I didn’t want to use a conveyor-belt type service that a number of organisations provide but rather insist on a truly individual one-to-one service – they’re my eyes and are not replaceable at the end of the day.

Both Mike and Rakesh are widely renowned and highly recognised specialists in this field. They both have a vast collection of qualifications behind them but more importantly understand not just the refractive procedure itself but also other aspects of the eye and sight that may potentially impact the end result in both the short and long term.

Mike, Rakesh, the team of supporting nurses and Jen have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. The quality of the pre-op consultation, the procedure itself and the post-op care have been second to none. I honestly can not recommend them highly enough.

If you are considering laser surgery, in my opinion, do your research but I doubt you’ll find anyone comes close.”

A.S. Guildford

“I am extremely happy with the lens replacement – the world seems a brighter place with my new eyes! Expertise aside, the care and patience afforded me is commendable. Nothing is too much hastle. The LaserVision team’s commitment to delivering excellence and client satisfaction is without compromise.

Thanks Mike Tappin for his wonderful care and professionalism.”

C.H. – Guildford

“I am delighted with the treatment I received whilst staying at the Private Patient Centre at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital – please could you pass on my thanks to the nursing staff whom I felt were superb.

A.R. – Manchester

“I have been regularly seeing Mr Jayaswal for 18 months now regarding my cornea degeneration. From the very first consultation it was clear that he is an expert in his field.

He is regularly providing help and advice to other eye consultants, he has a very friendly and “at ease” manner and has always given me as much time and information as required, this is has been constantly shown before, during and after my corneal graft operation.

I highly recommend Mr Jayaswal and consider myself lucky to have him as my consultant, even if I haven’t been the easiest of patients!

S.S. – Guildford

“I chose the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital because I found their professional knowledge and advice invaluable.”

T.S. – Manchester

“Dear Rakesh,

Thank you so much for the return of vision. Before the operation, I could only read the letters on the front of the card – with glasses – now I can see everything so much clearer even the smallest things and wonderful colours too once again. Many thanks.”

B.C. – Guildford

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