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Laser Eye Surgery in Sheffield is performed at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital on a weekly basis for private patients seeking professional, expert treatments for a wide range of eye conditions.

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Have complete trust in your surgeon and care team for this life-changing eye surgery

LaserVision are unique in the fact that all of our Laser Eye Surgery in Sheffield is hospital-based and governed by leading NHS and private hospitals, so you can have full trust in our service. We also personalise all of our available treatments to get the best possible outcome for you and your eyes.

Available Laser Eye Treatments in Sheffield


With the benefits of the most advanced femtosecond laser in the world, the Ziemer Z8, LASIK is ever safer and the LASIK flap is more precise than ever before.

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The IntraLASE method has been used successfully on millions of eyes and we trust this advanced technology to deliver exceptional results.

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The LASEK procedure involves preserving the extremely thin epithelial layer by lifting it from the eye’s surface before laser energy is applied for reshaping.

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Photo-Therapeutic Keratectomy (PTK)

Treat cornea injury or disease issues such as scars on the cornea or other types of corneal surface disease, including recurrent erosions syndrome of the cornea when other treatments have failed.

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An alternative to LASIK and LASEK, ReLEx® SMILE is a minimally invasive, bladeless form of keyhole laser eye surgery.

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Athens Protocol™

Designed for treating irregular corneas, such as in keratoconus, topography-guided laser combined with corneal collagen cross-linking provides a safe and proven method for improving the quality of vision.

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Facts about our Laser Eye Treatments in Sheffield

Patients with varying eye conditions typically experience a slow, progressive deterioration in their quality of vision. It is important to understand what the process of laser eye surgery is, to give our patients peace of mind prior to their treatment:

  • Laser eye surgery is one of the most commonly performed elective treatments in the world today and there has never been a safer time to have laser eye surgery.
  • Endorsed by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), it is now estimated that over 32 million procedures have been performed worldwide.
  • Laservision correction treatment uses a cold, high-precision beam, which is precisely programmed to remove a microscopic layer of the cornea that alters its curvature, to correct vision.
  • In reshaping the cornea, the focusing power of the cornea is altered, thus shifting the focus of the incoming light to the correct plane, the retina.

For more information about Laser Eye Surgery in Sheffield please read through our FAQs page.

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