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Lasek Eye Surgery at Laser Vision Guildford

Many of our Guildford patients find that wearing contacts or glasses can interfere with their confidence and busy lifestyles. Not to mention the inconvenience that can come with needing to repair glasses or deal with the dry, irritated eyes that come with wearing contact lenses. It can also be expensive and time-consuming to keep up with the changing prescriptions of spectacles and contact lenses.

All of these factors contribute to the reasons why most patients turn to LASEK refractive surgery. This life-changing procedure is a permanent and efficient solution to cure a range of visual issues.

Our cutting-edge laser eye surgery treatments correct refractive errors such as mild to severe shortsightedness, longsightedness, and ocular astigmatism. Our elite team of laser eye surgeons can provide patients with long-lasting visual enhancements.


Laser Eye Surgery in Guildford, Surrey LASEK Guildford

Laser assisted epithelial keratomileusis (LASEK) is a type of laser eye surgery that can be used to treat a number of eye conditions including astigmatism, longsightedness (hyperopia) and nearsightedness (myopia).


LASEK treatment at a glance:

  • Treatment takes less than five minutes per eye
  • Anaesthesia: Local anaesthetic eye drops
  • Two-day recovery
  • Long-lasting results
  • Proven, successful and safe

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Is there a difference between LASEK and LASIK laser eye surgery?

The two most popular laser eye surgery procedures for vision correction are LASIK and LASEK. Though they both aim to improve vision and reduce the need for glasses or contact lenses, there are some notable differences between the two.


LASEK laser surgery

During LASEK surgery at Laser Vision, the thin epithelial layer of the cornea is removed using a specialist tool or an alcohol solution.

Your surgeon then uses an excimer laser to remodel the underlying cornea. After the eye is reshaped, a soft contact lens is inserted to protect it while it recovers. Generally speaking, recovery from LASEK is longer than that from LASIK.

LASIK eye surgery

During LASIK eye treatments, a femtosecond laser or microkeratome is used to create a tiny corneal flap. The consultant ophthalmologist will then use an excimer laser to reshape the thin cornea underneath the flap.

Once the reshaping process is complete, the flap is repositioned onto the cornea. This method is well known for its quick recovery time and little discomfort.


Contact our clinical team to find out which treatment is best for you

The specifics of each patient’s eye and the advice of your physician will play a role in determining whether to proceed with LASIK or LASEK.

LASIK may be a better choice for patients with larger corneas and stable prescriptions, whereas LASEK may be a better choice for patients with thinner corneas or other medical conditions.

Our experts can assist you in selecting the best type of refractive surgery for your circumstances after a brief assessment.


About Laser Vision Eye Hospital Guildford

Keeping our patients in Guildford safe and well is our first focus. Our team of highly qualified doctors has years of expertise performing corrective refractive surgery treatments and laser eye surgery operations.

They will provide you with the greatest care possible and peace of mind. Laser Vision follows the strictest safety protocols and the highest standards of care to guarantee that every patient we treat has a pleasant and safe experience.


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Guildford is a historic town in Surrey that boasts excellent transportation links. Situated just 27 miles southwest of London, Guildford is well-connected by both road and rail.

The town’s railway station provides frequent services to London Waterloo, Portsmouth, and other key destinations. Guildford is also conveniently located near major motorways such as the M25 and A3, making it easily accessible by car.