It’s no secret that laser eye surgery can be a costly procedure and if you’re considering such treatment, you’ll inevitably want to know how much laser eye surgery costs.

While the costs involved may vary between different laser eye surgery clinics, there are other factors at play to determine the final price of your procedure. These factors include the type of laser treatment you need and your current vision prescription.

Below you’ll find some ballpark figures for various laser vision correction procedures and information about how you might be able to spread the cost of laser eye surgery.

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Cost of laser eye surgery in the UK

We’re a renowned clinic for personalised laser eye surgery meaning that no two treatments will ever be the same. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to correcting vision. We take a tailored approach, ensuring that your laser eye surgery treatment plan will achieve its end goal, which is to give you the best sight possible.

Most patients assessed during the initial consultation will be provided with a quote for their laser eye surgery cost. We uphold ourselves to transparent pricing with no hidden costs or extra surprises – nor do we offer price incentives to push you towards choosing us. Laser Vision’s prices can differ from clinic to clinic due to hospital location costs, however, they’re reflective of the expert treatment, specialist surgeons and unparalleled care we provide.


Compare laser eye surgery prices How Much Is Laser Eye Surgery?

Initial consultation

While you’ll easily find a free consultation for laser eye surgery, most of the time this is an opportunity for high street clinics to give you a sales pitch.

Don’t be put off by having to pay for an initial consultation as reputable clinics like Laser Vision will ensure you are seen by a Consultant Ophthalmologist who will assess your suitability for laser eye surgery and check your eye health thoroughly.

Consultation costs range from £75 – £250 with Laser Vision depending on location and type of laser vision correction consultation.


Lasek and Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

You can expect to pay from £1,850 per eye for Lasek and Lasik eye surgery. The treatment cost includes aftercare appointments and medication along with the consultant surgeon fees and diagnostic assessment.


Prices for Presbyopia Treatments

Presbyopia treatment including laser eye surgery costs from £1,850 per eye. All fees, assessments and aftercare are included.


Cataract Surgery Costs

Cataract surgery with a standard lens costs from £1,996 per eye. Surgery with a premium lens replacement and Femtosecond laser technology costs from £3,750 per eye. Again, fees, assessment costs and post-operative care are included in the prices.


Refractive Surgery Costs

Laser eye surgery with refractive lens replacement costs from £4,418 per eye. This is a more complex procedure and prices include all aspects of treatment along with fees, aftercare and follow-up appointments.

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Does the price cover surgery for both eyes?

At Laser Vision, laser eye surgery cost tends to be priced per eye. This is because treatment type may vary between individual eyes.


Can I get cheap laser eye surgery?

Although the cheapest treatment might be good for your pocket, it might not be so good for your eye health. Be wary of any high street or private clinic offering a fixed price on laser eye surgery.

You tend to pay for what you get, so the cheapest price may also get you the cheapest care, treatment and standards.

We set ourselves apart from other clinics by providing patients with world-class laser eye surgery from the best and most experienced ophthalmologists.


How to spread laser eye surgery cost

Most of our Laser Vision clinics offer finance options to help you spread the cost of laser eye surgery. We offer interest-free credit on payment plans at most of our hospitals but please check with your chosen provider.


Laser eye surgery cost compared to buying glasses or contact lenses

When you compare the cost of laser eye surgery to years and maybe decades of replacing glasses and contact lenses, you might actually find you can save money through surgery.

Not only that but not having to wear glasses or lenses removes a daily burden that can significantly improve your lifestyle.


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