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Are You Living with Cataracts?

3rd September 2019
LaserVision eye experts explain the causes of cataracts and treatment options…

Similar to its function in a camera – the lens of your eye helps focus light on the retina and as we age, this becomes more opaque, preventing light rays from passing through it – like a frosted glass window.

An early sign of cataracts may be a changing prescription and as the lens becomes cloudier, you may experience symptoms including; blurred vision, light sensitivity and near-sightedness or distortion.

Cataracts can severely impact people’s ability to lead independent lives but can be treated successfully to restore vision. Today, it is possible to perform surgery at a relatively early stage and usually recommended once vision is affecting your lifestyle. It may also help those who wish to drive but do not currently meet the DVLA legal eyesight standard.

The procedure involves the removal of the cloudy natural lens (the cataract) and replacing it with an artificial one. In the past, this could only be tailored to focus the light for either distance or near vision using a monofocal lens. However, today we have multifocal lenses that can achieve both near and distance vision without the need for glasses.

While most procedures are carried out by hand, newly developed state-of-the-art laser technology now enables surgery without blades, allowing for unprecedented precision, comfort and safety. It normally takes less than 10 minutes, with little or no pain.


Find out more about cataract surgery and laser cataract surgery.

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