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The Difference Between Refractive Cataract Surgery Lenses

25th February 2021

Thanks to modern technology there are a variety of refractive lenses available for cataract surgery patients. Each lens has been developed to tackle ocular impairments in different ways; this means a wider range of cataract related issues can be treated with eye surgery.

Mono-Focal Intra-Ocular Lens

Often referred to as the standard option, mono-focal lenses were the first type of lens developed for cataract surgery.

This lens provides fantastic vision at one distance (mid-range), but it will not provide clear vision at all distances; this option will mean you will still need to wear glasses for near and distant vision.

Mono-focal Lenses are an excellent choice if you don’t mind wearing glasses or contact lenses, or, if you do not have astigmatism (or are willing to address your astigmatism through future laser surgery procedures).

IC-8 Lens

IC-8 lenses take a clear artificial lens and add a mini-ring in the centre. This creates a pinhole effect that funnels light through the centre so only focused light rays enter your eyes; extending your natural range of vision (near to far).

Designed to restore your everyday vision, this lens improves your eyesight for far vision, computer and reading, as well as free you from the constant need for glasses.

After a full eye examination our doctors will determine whether the IC-8 lens is a suitable option for your needs. Find out more about the pin-hole effect created by this lens and its benefits to your eyesight.

Accommodative Intra-Ocular Lens

Accommodative lenses move in response to your eye muscles; mimicking the reactions of a natural lens. This type of intra-ocular lens provides fantastic far to mid vision, and functional near vision.

This is an ideal choice for patients who want to reduce their dependence on glasses or contacts, and don’t mind tackling their astigmatism with additional surgeries at a later date.

Candidates for this lens are those who wish for strong distant and intermediate vision. Patients require a full examination to determine their suitability for this treatment. Our vision correction specialists will provide you with the essential information so you can make an informed decision.

Multi-Focal Intra-Ocular Lens

Multi-focal intra ocular lenses help to restore near, far, and mid-range vision all in one. This lens increases your chances of living a glasses-free life, but this is not guaranteed.

This lens is an ideal choice for candidates who want to reduce their dependency on glasses and if they have astigmatism, are happy to address it at a later date with additional surgeries like LASIK.

There are a range of multi-focal intra-ocular lenses available at LaserVision. Discover each one in detail, or, book a full consultation to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for this particular treatment.

Extended Depth of Focus Lens

Extended depth of focus lenses differs from multi-focal lenses as they work to create a single elongated focal point to your range of vision.

The construction of the lens bends light entering the eyes from intermediate and ar distances to a focal point on your retina, this allows you to accurately focus on objects while maintaining fantastic mid to far vision all through one lens.

Contact LaserVision for more information on Extended Depth of Focus lenses.

Toric Intra-Ocular Lens

Toric refractive lenses are a specialised mono-focal lens that is often the best choice for patients with both cataracts and astigmatism.

After treatment it is likely that you will still need reading glasses, however your vision will be restored for distance sight. If your astigmatism is too strong, your doctor may recommend an additional procedure to help ensure your vision is effectively corrected.

Learn more about Toric Intra-Ocular Lenses.

Find Out More with LaserVision

For more information on the types of refractive lenses available, contact LaserVision. Each Intra-Ocular lens has its own strength; identifying which refractive lens is best for you will depend on your individual case and requirements. Speak with one of our vision correction specialists and book your consultation today.

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