What is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is an eye disease that causes the central area of the cornea to become weak and thinner, making the shape ‘bulge’ in an irregular manner. This results in a refractive error with the end result being distorted vision. The cornea is the transparent dome-shaped front part of our eyes, allowing for focusing of the eye. To function properly it must be smooth and appropriately shaped.

Although it can begin at any age, keratoconus often starts during puberty and progresses over time until it stabilises, many years later. It is estimated to affect 1 person in 2000. Therefore keratoconus is not uncommon.

Keratoconus is usually first diagnosed in the form of an Astigmatism, where the cornea is seen to bulge slightly, which in turn, will impair the eyes’ ability to focus. However, for some patients keratoconus will progress to the point where vision is impaired such that glasses or contact lenses cannot improve the vision further. Although often only one eye is noticeably affected, it is common for both eyes to be affected.

There are many treatment options for patients diagnosed with Keratoconus. Your LaserVision consultant surgeon can expertly guide you through the best treatments for you.

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