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About LaserVision.

Our Specialist, Consultant Eye Surgeons are trained to the highest standards in corneal and refractive surgery.

The Complete Range of Vision Correction Treatments.

Using a combination of the latest and safest vision correction technology, LaserVision can correct a wide range of refractive errors, including mild to severe short sightedness, long sightedness, and astigmatism.

By using their expertise in corneal surgery, the surgeons at LaserVision are also able to offer complex treatments for higher order aberrations due to other conditions such as Keratoconus. Click the button to find out more about LaserVision treatments.

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Trust the experts

LaserVision was established by UK based Consultant Eye Surgeons who understand what is truly important; our vision is to offer unrivalled, un-compromised and personalised treatment.

Our success is clear to see, having been built on a passion for patient care, attention to detail and being at the forefront of corneal and refractive surgery, LaserVision is proud to be recognised as delivering excellence in medical and surgical eye care.

Our specialist, independent NHS Consultant Eye Surgeons are trained to the highest standards in corneal and refractive surgery. Performing the most advanced vision correction procedures in state of the art facilities around the United Kingdom, we achieve the best outcomes for our patients.

How are we different?

We stand out against high street competition by providing unrivalled hospital based vision correction treatments,
expert consultants and industry leading technology and equipment.

We are different for several reasons:

Continuity of care

From the first consult, through eye surgery and on to the last visit, you can be assured that you will always see the Consultant who performed your procedure.

Hospital Based Care

All treatments are performed in the bespoke surgical facility under the safety and governance of leading private and NHS hospitals.

Simple pricing with no surprises

We don’t believe in upselling surgery. We only offer honest advice about what would give you the best result. We never treat someone with an inferior treatment just because they cannot afford the preferred option.

State-of-the-art technology

All our equipment has been personally selected for the best results and not chosen by managers or corporations, who do not use or understand the equipment.


We strongly believe in being independent of manufacturers as it retains independent decision making. By retaining our independent status, we only ever offer fully evaluated and clinically proven technologies without bias.

No Sales Targets

As we have no ‘sales’ targets and our team are not rewarded by throughput, you can be assured that you will never be pressured into surgery which is against all ethical guidelines. We firmly believe in a ‘Quality not Quantity’ approach to patient care.

NHS Consultants

We have strong links to the NHS as we strongly believe in its care pathway. By treating patients in both sectors, we can advise patients whether treatments can be performed under the NHS where possible. We also have strong links to consultants in other subspecialties allowing for rapid access to a broad range of sub-specialised care.

‘Bioptics’ as standard

As our surgeons are dual trained in cornea and refractive surgery, we can optimise the outcomes of surgery with the use of excimer laser technology ensuring the very best outcomes for our patients after premium cataract and refractive lens exchange surgery.

Adherence to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists Code of Practice

Long before the introduction of this important code in 2016, we have proudly lived by firm principles of no pressure and an honest approach to patient care, with safety being of paramount importance. No special offers, no time-limited offers, and no incentive schemes.

Research orientated delivery of care

All treatment modalities are assessed for clinical proof of success prior to introduction.


We only use the best.

LaserVision use highly advanced technology with industry recognised lasers that are at the forefront of the field.  All treatments include “wavefront” as standard, thus offering you a treatment that is as individual as your eyes. Femtosecond technology is used to perform ‘blade-free’ surgery and the latest 5th generation Intralase is used as it is the recognised gold standard in this sector.

Whilst laser eye surgery is the best procedure for many people, those with extremes of near and far sightedness may find that Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL) or Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) are more suitable options.

Vision matters. At LaserVision, our focus is you.

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