LaserLink™ is available at the following centres:

BMI Mount Alvernia Hospital
Manchester Royal Eye Hospital
Sheffield Royal Hallamshire Hospital

Topography Guided Customised Ablation Laser Surgery combined with Corneal Collagen Cross Linking

Advanced Topographic Guided Laser Treatment is one of the most precise methods of reducing higher order aberrations in patients with keratoconus. Following sequential, precise mapping of the cornea, the laser treatment is customised to accurately follow the topography to gently remove the peak of the corneal tissue in the most irregular areas. The cornea is then cross linked to stabilise it and ‘lock in’ the changes.

The major irregularities in the corneal surface caused by keratoconus can be reduced often improving vision , reducing discomfort with contact lenses and reducing the requirement to wear contact lenses.

Below are two maps showing a patient of ours who underwent this technique. Looking at the sagittal curvature map (top left) in each of the two scans, the shape of the cornea has changed from an irregular astigmatism to a regular astigmatism after treatment. This patient was able to avoid a corneal graft and resume life with just a soft contact lens.


Fig 1. Corneal topography map before LaserLink™


Fig. 2 Corneal topography map after LaserLink™


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