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What Are My Vision Correction Options?

7th November 2019

The simplest solution to correct refractive errors is visual aids.

Most people can wear glasses regardless of age or prescription making them a simple, accessible solution to managing vision problems. Contact lenses are also a good choice for nearly anyone seeking vision correction who doesn’t want to wear glasses full time or undergo surgery. Contact lenses could be soft or rigid, dependent on your vision needs and lifestyle preferences.

For those who are unhappy with wearing glasses and/or contact lenses, there are more permanent options to correct refractive errors such as laser eye surgery, refractive lens exchange or phakic implants –  also known as implantable contact lens.

Laser eye surgery uses lasers to reshape the clear surface at the front of your eye (cornea) and can correct some but not all refractive errors. This may not be suitable for patients who suffer from dry eyes or any corneal abnormalities.

Refractive lens exchange is an operation which is similar to cataract surgery. It involves the removal of the patient’s own natural lens which is then replaced with a carefully selected artificial lens to correct their vision. The tailored lens provides the best and most accurate correction for their vision. This may be a good option if you’re older and are not suitable for laser eye surgery or have the beginnings of cataracts.

An alternative option for patients who wish to be glasses free and are not suitable for laser eye surgery is phakic implants. With this procedure, a tailored lens is inserted into the eye in front of the patient’s own natural lens to correct vision. If you are less than 40 years of age and have a very high prescription, then the use of an additional lens can be a very good alternative to laser eye surgery.

If you are considering undergoing a vision correction procedure, you should consult an eye surgeon who will be able to advise the best treatment option to suit your needs.

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