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29th January 2014

Here at LaserVision, we’re proud of our vision correction procedures and take great satisfaction in providing exceptional patient care in our state of the art, hospital based clinics.

To promote the benefits of vision correction, including laser eye surgery, we have asked some of our recent patients what they enjoy most about regaining their sight since their treatment at LaserVision. Here’s what they had to say…

“I already take my clear vision for granted. I notice it most when I’m swimming with the kids and not having to worry about contacts or glasses.” – Elizabeth Garrett

“The simple things are most noticed – The ability to walk in the rain without misted up glasses, being able to see clearly from the second I wake up, and never loosing my glasses again!” – Andy Simpson

“I am so enjoying the revelation of being able to see so clearly, particularly in the glaring light!” – David Whiter

“It is wonderful to be able to wake up each morning and be able to see without putting glasses on, and I would have absolutely no hesitation in coming back to have the cataract in my right eye removed when it become necessary.” – Muriel Bath

Read even more patient testimonials and reviews here.

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