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Q&A Series: Results to Expect from Laser Eye Surgery

17th July 2015

When researching laser vision correction, it’s important to ask your potential Consultant Surgeon about the results you expect from the treatment, for example to improve your lifestyle and reduce dependency on glasses. Here LaserVision present the answers to the most common questions we are asked regarding the results of laser eye surgery to assist patients in their research. Please note to this information should not replace guidance provided by your Eye Surgeon.

What results can I expect after laser eye surgery?

The vast majority of people obtain at least 20/20 vision, and every one obtains legal driving vision.

There are varying factors which could effect your end results which include:
• History of Lazy eye (amblyopia)
• Dry eyes
• Other eye pathology such as cataract, keratoconus, and retinal changes.

How long do the results of laser vision correction last?

Laser surgery can last many decades or for life especially treatment for myopia(short sight), however the results of laser eye surgery can depend on a host of varying factors which include:
• Age at time of surgery.
• Whether the eye has any other pathology.
• The health of the cornea, the retina and the lens.
• Ocular surface health – dry eye etc
• Degree of prescription treated. Low treatments are generally more stable where as high prescriptions have a chance of regressing – LaserVision consultants monitor patients with high prescriptions and can perform ‘enhancement’ procedures if required, so this isn’t a problem.

What happens when the desired results of vision correction are not achieved?

After 3 months and once the patient’s prescription is stable, we can perform an enhancement procedure (top up treatment) to refine the results if needed to. Please note this is rarely needed.


All LaserVision treatments and care plans are personalised to achieve the best results for our patients – a key factor that stands us apart from other laser eye surgery clinics. To see and feel the difference for yourself, Book a Consultation with us at your nearest hospital based clinic.

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