Laser Eye Surgery – You Get What You Pay For

13th February 2015
British newspaper, The Daily Mail, published an article earlier this week, highlighting the potential ‘pitfalls of laser eye surgery’ with stories of patients who had been tempted with tantalizing discounts from high street chains and not done adequate research into their procedure or surgeon, with disastrous results. This is why LaserVision are proud to be different.

As well as stating “there is no doubt many people are more than satisfied with the results of their laser eye surgery”, the article talks about a number of issues; hard sales tactics, pressure to proceed with surgery on the same day as the initial consultation, cheap deals, dated technology, not meeting a consultant until the day of surgery, unqualified surgeons, and clinics not fully explaining all possible outcomes. These are all issues LaserVision are familiar with which is why many patients look to us as a trusted, hospital based alternative.

Here is an overview of how LaserVision stand out from high street clinic chains:

  • LaserVision was established and is owned by UK based Consultant Eye Surgeons, founded with a vision to offer uncompromised, personalised treatment, unlike the one fits all stance some clinics have adopted.
  • All LaserVision Consultant Surgeons are Fellows of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and are members of both the European and American society of refractive surgeons. They are trained to the highest standards, boasting specialist fellowship training in cornea and refractive surgery and are often asked to give talks and presentations at international conferences.
  • From the first consultation, through to surgery and follow up appointments, you can rest assured that you will always see the Consultant surgeon.
  • All LaserVision consultations and treatments are performed under the safety and governance of leading NHS or Nuffield Hospitals, and you will be cared for by our dedicated nursing team.
  • LaserVision like to make sure our patients have had adequate time to think about any proposed procedures which is why treatment can start no earlier than five days after your initial consultation.
  • We never pressure our patients into treatment. Our surgeons just use their expertise to give an honest opinion of what is best for you and your eyes.
  • LaserVision will never try and tempt you with offers to persuade you into treatment when you may not be ready. This is a lifestyle operation to improve quality of life and it is not essential.

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