Laser Eye Surgery – Get the facts

27th April 2016


If you’re considering laser eye surgery, here is a brief introduction into the world of vision correction with 7 facts on the treatment’s history and current procedures.

  • The Excimer laser was first invented in the 1970s.
  • The first laser eye surgery procedure was performed in 1987.
  • The laser used in laser eye surgery is Ultra-Violet light.
  • One laser pulse removes a quarter of a hundredth of a width of a human hair.
  • With over 32 million laser eye surgery procedures complete worldwide, it is one of the safest procedures performed today.
  • Surgery time is 3-10 minutes per eye (dependant on procedure).
  • Modern Lasik surgery uses a Femtosecond laser to create the surgery flap making it a completely bladeless procedure.

What’s next to research if I want to go ahead?

In-depth research into potential clinics and surgeons is vital to ensure you feel happy and reassured with your choice of clinic, surgeon and recommended procedure. Discover LaserVision’s useful Q&A series of blogs which includes a host of helpful information for those looking into laser eye surgery with articles such as ‘What Questions to Ask Your Laser Eye Surgeon’, ‘Why you need a consultation for laser eye surgery’, ‘Which type of laser eye surgery is best for me?’ and many more. Find them here.

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