New ground-breaking laser treatment now available at LaserVision

1st July 2014
LaserVision are pleased to introduce new laser techniques ReLEx, FLEx and SMILE to our Sheffield Vision Centre based clinic; taking laser vision correction for myopia to the next level.

This treatment is of particular benefit to those who previously may not have been a suitable candidate for LASIK or LASEK, due to a high prescription or a thin cornea. This is because these ground-breaking techniques use the femtosecond laser to remove a very thin disc of corneal tissue which is ¾ smaller than the flap cut using LASIK. By removing the need to create a flap and reducing the size of the removed layer, this gives the added benefit of reduced post-op discomfort, even faster visual recovery times and even minimises the chances of patients developing ‘dry-eye’ symptoms after treatment.

To read more about ReLEx, FLEx and SMILE, click here.

If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation at our Sheffield centre, please click here to book online.

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