Clinical Complaints Procedure

Your complete satisfaction is very important to us at LaserVision.

We do everything possible to get things right but if there is something we need to improve, please tell us. We’ll learn from it and put it right. Speak to a member of staff at the time so they can put things right as soon as possible.

If you need to raise a concern or make a formal complaint, rest assured that we will take things very seriously. We will deal with your complaint professionally. We also regularly review all feedback to continuously improve your experience with us.

Guidelines for Clinical Complaints Procedure

Stage 1 – Local resolution

Whenever possible, we like to resolve issues locally. Following receipt of a formal complaint, LaserVision‘s Clinical Services Manager will discuss your concerns with you, ideally face to face. We will send you a letter of acknowledgement within two working days, explaining the process for handling complaints and the steps we will take to investigate your complaint.

Unless the issues need a longer investigation period due to their complexity, we will send a full written response within twenty working days. Where an investigation in progress exceeds this time frame, we will send a letter every twenty working days explaining the reason for the delay. The manager may invite you to meet with us to ensure we fully understand the issues.

Stage 2 – Complaint review

If you are not satisfied with the local manager’s response to your complaint, you can escalate your complaint to stage two within six months of receipt of the final response at stage one.

LaserVision‘s Medical Director will personally review your complaint. The Medical Director will not have been involved in handling your complaint at stage one, and will provide an objective assessment of your complaint at stage two. The Medical Director will ask senior members of his/her team to undertake an independent review of the handling of your complaint including a review of the documentation and, where required, interview local staff.

We will send you an acknowledgement within two working days and, unless the issues need a longer investigation period due to their complexity, a full written response within twenty days. The appropriate director may invite you to meet to ensure that we fully understand the issues.

Stage 3 – Independent external adjudication

We will do everything we can to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction without having to reach this stage. However, if after stages one and two, you feel that we have not resolved the complaint to your satisfaction you can request an independent external adjudication.

External adjudication is an independent review carried out by the Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service (ISCAS). The director you have been communicating with at stage two will advise you on the process of external adjudication. You must write within six months of receipt of the stage two decision letter.


Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service
c/o CEDR – Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution
International Dispute Resolution Centre
70 Fleet Street
Tel: 0207 536 6091


In England:
Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
Millbank Tower
Millbank, London
Tel: 0345 015 4033

In Scotland:
The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman
Freepost EH641
Tel: 0800 377 7330

In Wales:
Public Service Ombudsman for Wales
1 Ffordd yr Hen Gae, Pencoed
CF35 5LJ
Tel: 0300 790 0203

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