SupraLASE™ ‘No Touch Laser’

SupraLASE™ is available at the following centres:

BMI Mount Alvernia Hospital 
Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

SupraLASE™ is a surface laser procedure that uses a technologically advanced excimer laser to remove the surface cells before performing the reshape of the cornea to treat myopia and astigmatism.

By using a technique in which the eye is treated from beginning to end with lasers, this treatment is a ‘non touch‘ treatment.

How does SupraLase™ work?

Laser eye surgery works by changing the shape of the cornea, the transparent curved structure at the front of the eye. The excimer laser reshapes the layer of the cornea called the stroma, and to access this region, conventionally one of two techniques are used:

  • LASIK – a thin flap is created prior to the excimer laser reshaping
  • LASEK – the surface epithelial cells are brushed aside prior to the excimer application

SupraLase uses an unique non touch technique,  in which an advanced laser is used throughout to initially remove the surface cell layer (the epithelium) and then reshape the cornea for vision correction. Following treatment a bandage contact lens is placed over the cornea for a few days as the epithelial layer heals.

What are the advantages of SupraLase™?

The advantages over LASIK/IntraLASIK:

  • It is a ‘no touch’ procedure.
  • It avoids the potential for any flap complications either during or after surgery.
  • There is less risk of long-term corneal ectasia.

The advantages over other surface laser eye treatments (LASEK)

  • No alcohol or mechanical separation of the epithelial layer occurs.
  • Quicker healing occurs following treatment.
  • Less pain and faster vision stabilisation.
What are the disadvantages of SupraLase™?
  • There is discomfort for the first day or two following treatment.
  • Vision recovery takes longer compared to LASIK.
  • There is a very small risk of corneal haze.
For which group of patients is SupraLase™ recommended?
  • Patients with thin corneas or dry eyes.
  • Those who participate in contact sports (e.g. rugby, boxing)
  • People with enhanced risk of injury (e.g. the armed forces)
  • The highly anxious or for people who are concerned about flap creation.
  • For patients who have had previous corneal surgery, including patients with corneal grafts.

SupraLASE™ provides what many people have been waiting for: the ideal combination of visual excellence and consistent safety with all laser techniques but without the LASIK flap creation.


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