Eye Conditions

Here LaserVision present the basic anatomy of the eye, followed by a breakdown of eye conditions, treatable by the team of Consultant Eye Surgeons at LaserVision.

The human eye is a marvel of evolution, operating very much like a regular camera. Light is focused by the cornea and lens, at the front of the eye and the image falls on the retina at the back of the eye, which acts like a film in the camera.

Refractive Errors

Deviations are referred to as ‘refractive errors’, and the vast majority of these can be corrected with spectacles, contact lenses or surgery. Click on the listed errors below to learn about the conditions and possible treatments.

Myopia – the technical term for short sightedness. Being able to see objects at close range, but distant and even mid range objects would be blurred.
Hyperopia – the technical term for long sightedness. Being able to see distances clearly, but close up images will be blurred.
Astigmatism – Irregular curvature of the eye resulting in blurred vision at both near and far.
Presbyopia – When the natural lens cannot change its shape as much and objects near to the eye become more blurred.


Corneal Conditions

The cornea is the ‘window’ to the outside world.  It is a clear, curved structure with considerable strength. The function of the cornea is to allow transmission of light into the eye and help to focus the light near to the retina. Any problems within the cornea can lead to symptoms of blur due to either a lack of transparency or due to an irregular shape. Pain can be associated with corneal disease. Corneal pathology can be from a variety of factors but the most common diseases are listed below.

Click below to find out more about each condition and possible treatments:

Herpes Simplex Keratitis (HSK)
Fuch’s endothelial dystrophy (FED)
Recurrent erosion syndrome


Cataracts – Clouding in the lens of the eye which leads to blurred vision and even blindness.

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